#mRlYTcwZTA0 Casandra Ramos, David Dobrik's ex-assistant hits out at Vlog [23 FILES :: 480 MB] ♥️

Ramos, who believes everyone in the Vlog Squad is aware of her allegations about the night of the Diplo party, said she's angry that nobody took the time to talk to her about it back then. However, Ramos said she can't say she had a horrible time being friends with the Vlog Squad, because she didn't. Read more about Ramos’ experiences with the Vlog Squad below. https://www.insider.com/casandra-ramos-speaks-on-her-time-in-the-vlog-squad-2022-1. A former Vlog Squad associate is calling out the culture she witnessed during her time with the YouTube supergroup https://www.insider.com/casandra-ramos-speaks-on-her-time-in-the-vlog-squad-2022-1. 07 Feb 2022. ⚡️ “Former Vlog Squad associate Cassandra Ramos is calling out the culture she witnessed during her time with the YouTube supergroup” by @InternetInsider https://t.co/Uu7E0ApTZB. 08 Feb 2022. Ramos rarely appeared in Dobrik's vlogs, preferring to stay out of the camera's sight to protect her career later. But despite her efforts, she said inappropriate behavior often bled into her professional life. https://www.insider.com/casandra-ramos-speaks-on-her-time-in-the-vlog-squad-2022-1. 08 Feb 2022. Casandra Ramos was involved with David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad between 2017 and 2019, but now looks back on a culture that she believes caused harm. Owner of the universe. Leader of the free worlds. Newly appointed president of the illuminati. Earth’s first owner®Based in LA.