[22 FILES :: 671 MB] ❤️ The Genesis of My Sleepy Foot Fetish (NF) - The MousePad #mMwYzgyNDEy

30 mai 2007 · My aunt got into bed, I was already laying at the foot of the bed. She finally drifted off to sleep. I couldn't wait. I started stroking her sole lightly. She whispered that it felt good and it will help her fall asleep. I continued until I herd her lightly snoring. I moved her foot onto my pillow and my play began. The truth is my aunt indulged my fetish for feet as specially her feet, quite often. I luved it when she was drinking I luved it when she was drinking Sleeping in my Aunts bed. 22 févr. 2013 · Not me. At the very least, not my first sleepy experience. I could remember having a fetish since I was as young as 3, as I remember always playing with my aunts' feet, or my mother's feet. My family is from El Salvador, very poor there, so I highly doubt they thought anything of it then, but of course, when it turned out my foot fetish was. 10 juil. 2010 · Eventually my dream came true. one night my mom me and my little brother went over to her house to hang out. My mom visited with her mom downstairs and me and ali and my little brother played until 1:00 until we all went to bed. My little brother went in the other room to sleep by himself and i got to sleep beside ali in her 1 bunk bunk bed, it was unbelivable but i wass estatic. She had lead.