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19 avr. 2009 · After my wife and I were married for sometime, she got this idea she wanted to add some kinkiness in our sex life. She suggested I dress up in some of her clothes and have a night together at our house. She enjoyed it and I felt wierd. Ever since this night she wants me to dress up all the time, when we are intimate. anyone else have. 19 sept. 2020 · Liz Gray, 63, is married to Amanda Ure, 53, who came out as trans seven years ago. They live in the East Midlands. Liz It came out of nowhere. It was like a bomb thrown into my life. No warning,. 23 avr. 2016 · For many married crossdressers, one of their wishes is that they could share this wonderful part of their life with their true partner. But how do you introduce the subject to your life-partner when you kept it a secret for 5 years, for example, without your partner feeling betrayed?. My needs as a crossdresser are pretty light, so far. I only dress up occasionally, have no plans to work it into my/our sex life, and don't feel the need to show Vivi to our current friends and family. My wife is fairly open minded. She has no moral objections to crossdressing, she actually watches a lot of "drag race" lol. 18 juin 2021 · 0:00 / 2:34 Crossdresser and Wife: Quiet Evening heidiphox100 56.6K subscribers Subscribe 1.2K Share 123K views 1 year ago After a late night of dinner and dancing as husband and wife,. 17 oct. 2017 · He broke down in tears and soon, both of us were sobbing our eyes out. It took a while for us to calm down then I told him that I wanted to know everything. He soon revealed that he has been trying on my clothes on and off since we got married, which was just over two years ago then. This study reports the analysis of a transvestite man through focusing on his marital interaction and his wife's complementary behavior to his perversion. In his marriage, this patient dramatically recapitulated many of his infantile core conflicts, fixations, and traumas associated with his cross-d . 23 avr. 2016 · April 23, 2016. How to Crossdress and Keep a Happy Marriage or A Wife’s Unconditional Love. Of all the visits we receive to our NJ retail showroom, we estimate less than 5% are made by a couple and of that small percentage maybe half are in a traditional marriage. We are always intrigued as to how couples met, when the subject of. I'm a married woman, and I keep asking my husband to crossdress. So, we have been together going on 10 years now. I've asked him to do it for me in the past, and he has a couple of times. Whenever he does, he looks SUPER hot, and he knows how much I love it.