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Outstanding adj [person, work, record, example] remarquable → She was an outstanding athlete. → These companies have done outstanding work in human relations. → His war record was outstanding. → an outstanding example of a small business that grew into a big one (=unresolved) [issues, problems] en suspens. An outstanding politician un politicien hors pair or exceptionnel. [unresolved - problem] non résolu, en suspens. there is still one outstanding matter il reste encore un problème à régler. [unfinished - business, work] inachevé, en cours. administration en souffrance, en attente. Excellent adj ( excellente f sg, excellents m pl, excellentes f pl) The actor received an ovation for his outstanding performance. L'acteur a reçu une ovation pour son interprétation excellente. plus rare : en suspens. ·. Outstanding adj. (conspicuous, prominent) (personne) éminent, remarquable adj. (talent, beauté) hors du commun adj inv. He is an outstanding member of the community, known for his many good deeds. C'est un membre éminent (or: remarquable) de la communauté, connu pour ses nombreuses bonnes actions. ⓘ. The outstanding items requiring approval from the members of the Corporation were reviewed. Les questions en suspens que les membres de la Société canadienne d u sang d oivent approuver ont été revues. 11 juil. 2019 · What is meant by outstanding IO request in a host controller (e.g. HBA/RAID card) In context of a host controller (HBA/RAID card) which sends IO traffic to SAS/SATA drives which are part of logical volume - so in such setup, generally I hear a term "Outstanding commands". Considered to be the highest honour in the Public Service of Canada, the Outstanding Achievement Award was established in 1996 to recognize the exemplary service and accomplishments of senior public service employees over the course of their careers in the federal government.