Troubleshoot Video Ad Uploads đź‘„ #WU0MzcwMTQ2 [88 FILES :: 662 MB]

My posts says "inactive user" when I just uploaded a video and I am active? So I just created an account and uploaded a video, yet if my friends view it they can't see it. People say that I can be geoforcing, but if I go to my profile and settings there's no "securities" tab and there's not "geoforcing" option anywhere. What am I. 5 janv. 2023 · Solution 3: Logging in and out. If you logged in to your Instagram from different devices or places, the app may not allow you to upload video posts for a while out of account security protection. Logging in and out of your account to go through a security checkup can restore your connection. 26 sept. 2022 · This account is inactive or restricted This error means there’s an issue with your Instagram account that needs action from its owner before you can publish. Instagram may restrict access to accounts that have been inactive for a period of time, or that have violated Instagram’s Terms of Use. 26 juil. 2019 · The other reason why your video upload fails is because either the video or your account has been blocked. If the video has been blocked, you aren’t likely to see any specific notification of it. Your upload will fail, but Instagram won’t tell you why. I uploaded a video, and it is working fine, but to other users it is unavailable - YouTube Community. Skip to main content. YouTube Help. Sign in. Google Help. Help Center. Fix a problem. Watch videos. Manage your account & settings. The most common reason for videos not rendering correctly is size. Make sure the video you upload is large enough for your chosen placement and with a minimum width of 600 pixels. Note that on the desktop version of Facebook Feed, your video will be shown with a 1:1 aspect ratio, which may cause black bars to appear on either side of the video. For videos that have been locked as private due to upload via an unverified API service, you will not be able to appeal. You’ll need to re-upload the video via a verified API service or via the YouTube app/site. The unverified API service can also apply for an API audit. To ensure your video isn’t locked private again, don’t post content.