#WMzN2JjYzVj Sailing Doodles Is Bobby in a relationship with Steph 🍑 [61 FILES :: 779 MB]

Is Bobby in a relationship with Steph? Sure looks like it from some of the interactions in the video. If they are they are trying to keep it low key, but you cant hide those looks, those touches, those smiles! 0 27 Sailing Hobbies 27 comments Best leesfer That Sailing Doodles guy is a creep. Bobby and Taylor from Sailing Doodles were never a couple. They remained as friends only, though may have had an off-camera relationship. Laura was on board as Bobby’s partner but after the breakup, she left and eventually married. She is now a mom with two girls of her own with her full name now being Laura Peters, while she used the name. 16 déc. 2021 · Meet Stephanie Sinka, the newest crewmember on Sailing Doodles. We go in to her background and how she came to join the show. More episodes from "Sailing Doodles Podcast" Precision Sails and Break Waves Youtube show 10/20/2022 36:36 I interview Darryl from Precision Sails and Ben from the Youtube show Breaking waves. Voir la liste complète sur drukadvice.com. 15 mars 2019 · Bobby’s goal with Sailing Doodles was just to offset expenses and the original plan was to sail around for a year and then sell the boat using the experience he had learned to get a job as crew on another boat. He first met Laura, his Sailing Doodles partner, at a regatta in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. 15 juin 2022 · Who is Bobby White (aka “Sailing Doodles”)? Bobby was living the corporate dream as a pilot. In his thirties, he’d traveled the world by plane and done well for himself financially in the process. He was working as a private pilot for a wealthy family in Texas before his stroke. 1 août 2022 · Stephanie talks about adventuring with Sailing Doodles 1 Aug 2022 · Sailing Doodles Podcast 00:52:28 Stephanie and I sit down and have a chat about whats been going on with sailing doodles and what is next! Listen Follow Share Episodes 43 Related Followers 1 Apple Podcasts RSS Website Latest Earliest Most played Most popular Search Episodes.