#WI3ZjA3Zjcy She Stalked Her Daughter’s Killers Across Mexico, One by One 💋 [93 FILES :: 404 MB]

16 déc. 2020 · How One Mother Fought The Cartel & Changed A City By Yolanda Machado 12.16.20 at 5:16 pm Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla When Miriam Rodríguez’s 20-year-old daughter, Karen Alejandra. 13 déc. 2020 · SAN FERNANDO, Mexico — Miriam Rodríguez clutched a pistol in her purse as she ran past the morning crowds on the bridge to Texas. She stopped every few minutes to catch her breath and study the. 20 avr. 2023 · Twitter Miriam Rodríguez changed her appearance in order to find out more about her daughter’s kidnappers without attracting their attention. “When she pulled her files onto the table, I had never seen anything like it,” the anonymous police commander told The New York Times . 18 déc. 2020 · Miriam Rodriguez, of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, became an activist after her daughter, Karen, 20, was abducted in 2014. Rodriguez disguised herself by changing her hair and playing various roles to collect names and addresses. On Mother's Day in 2017, weeks after she chased down her final target, Rodriguez was killed by gunmen outside. 14 mars 2022 · Miriam immediately suspected the Mexican cartel of taking her daughter away, but the cartel wasn’t just another killer; it was an organization of perpetrators. The violence and power of the cartel was no shock and the havoc being wreaked on the territory had been clear for a long time. Miriam Elizabeth Rodríguez Martínez (5 February 1960 – 10 May 2017) was a Mexican human rights activist. She became one of the many "Missing Child Parents", (a class of victims of organized crime, labeled as such by local news media) after her daughter was abducted and killed. 13 mai 2017 · A Mexican woman who doggedly pursued her daughter’s killers in a region plagued by with drug cartel violence has been shot dead in her home, reflecting both the lawlessness plaguing large swaths.