11 Other Ways To Say I’m Looking Forward To Hearing From You #WFlNjU3YmIy 💕 [32 FILES :: 784 MB]

We are hoping to hear that confirmation soon too! It seems promising. 17 Apr 2023 20:41:48. We are hoping to hear about Archos soon on this matter. Nous espérons qu' Archos communiquera prochainement à ce sujet. We're hoping to hear from and work with partners who share our vision. Although not exactly synonymous with I’m looking forward to hearing from you, this option indicates that a timely response is expected, especially if any changes or updates arise. Colin, Going forward, I’ll need to communicate with Mrs. De la Cruz about anything pertaining to the construction. “That’s good to hear” is the best way to replace “glad to hear that.” We use it to show that we’re happy to accept whatever the news is. It means that we might have expected bad results, but we’re pleasantly surprised (and grateful) for good ones. We can use this phrase whenever we want to show that we’re happy with the results. [] considering solutions, and we're hoping to hear your ideas on those topics, [] with a view to developing a report and recommendations about what the government can do-whether it's programs, new regulations, or legislative changes-to advance economic development in the north. They were hoping to hear about a land [] connection to Inuvik, tying them into a highway system that would allow them some additional economic development and perhaps make life easier for them there on the coast. We are hoping that we can work together [] and overcome some of the issues where we have differing opinions, and that we will do what is necessary for Canada and what all Canadians expect of us in difficult times. I’m excited to hear from you. 9. We’ll talk soon. This I’m looking forward to hearing from you alternative signals that the conversation is expected to continue. Edward, It was nice running into you and your family. We should set up a play date for our daughters. We’ll talk soon. Best, Tim 10. I’m always happy to hear from you. Nous vous souhaito ns beau coup de joies e n lisant notre s ite et nous éspérons vous voir bientôt! Hope to hear from you soon! E n espérant d'avoir très bientôt de vos nouvelles ! All the best to you, a nd I hope to hear from you soon.