I love doing naughty and risky things at the office, from flashing my boobs to getting off on my bosses desk. At home I’m just as naughty, always horny and love showing off my body, I love thinking about how many of you might be getting off whilst thinking about me. Clean that front camera. First things first: A blurry pic is the exact opposite of what you want. Make sure that there's no dust or grime getting in the way of your perfect shot. A microfiber. Maybe an over-the-shoulder shot will show off your curves. #4 Side body shot. If you’re a fan of Kendall Jenner, then you know this pose very well. The side body shot is great if you’re looking to accentuate your booty. Your curves look their best on this angle, as it elongates your body. Whether you have a romantic partner or not, taking sexy selfies can be a fun, subversive, body-positive, vulnerable, authentic, self-loving act, especially when you’re sending it off to someone! It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means it’s time to take some sexy selfies!. Confidence is super sexy, and a woman showing off her latest killer outfit can be sexy. Some women have a sexy smile that can turn guys on while fully clothed. Then you have those women that are just so stunningly beautify that they can make a potato sack look sexy.