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15 avr. 2019 · If you are traveling with Allegiant and have a disability or need accommodations, be sure to mention it when booking a reservation online or over the phone. You can also contact the reservation center by phone at 702-505-8888 and request assistance to be added to your reservation. 4 août 2022 · The Air Carriers Access Act (ACAA) applies to any US domestic flight, or flight to or from the US, and includes numerous protections for travelers with disabilities. It covers topics such as boarding assistance, bathroom-access requirements, wheelchair storage requirements, and more. In this guide, you will find information, practical advice and an overview of the services that Air France has to offer. Download the guide (PDF, 384 kb) Travel companion and medical clearance For your safety, please check to see if you need to travel with a companion and if you need medical clearance. Do I need medical clearance to travel?. Air Travel with a Disability Traveling by airplane is one of the safest and fastest ways to get to your destination. But crowded airports, long waits at check-in counters, security checkpoints and baggage restrictions can make flying challenging when you have a disability. 17 oct. 2022 · The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) is a law that makes it illegal for airlines to discriminate against passengers because of their disability. The Department of Transportation is responsible for enforcing the ACAA, which applies to all flights to, from, or within the United States. Air Travel with a Disability: A How To Guide - YouTube. My tips and tricks to traveling by air with a physical disability (multiple sclerosis, MS). Believe it or not, it CAN be done! The airlines. The airline’s website features a specialised page for guests with disabilities. In addition to the phone number of 1-800-367-5320, the page can guide you to the policy page for guests with disabilities, the Traveling with Service Animals Help page, and the Emotional/Comfort/Psychiatric Support Animals Help Page. JetBlue.