February '21 Weigh-in! 20 POUNDS GAINED since January! 💋 [22 FILES :: 525 MB] #TM2YzRiNTkx

24 févr. 2021 · New February 2021 Weigh In Anybody get Juicy Jackie’s newest weigh in and feel like sharing 😁 the whole video would be appreciated but just the new number would be too! 15 9 comments Jojopop25 • 2 yr. ago She’s 567lbs Fattylover14 • 2 yr. ago That’s incredible!. 24 nov. 2022 · New Weigh In Damn Jackie only went from 567 Feb 2021 to 571 in new weigh in seems like she’s stayed around the same weight for a while Vote 0 0 comments Best Add a Comment More posts from r/ssbbwjuicyJackie 5.8K subscribers Racingfreek17 • 16 hr. ago NSFW Does anyone have one of these recent videos 1 / 3 4. 8 déc. 2021 · She was 567lbs in the last weigh in so how much do you think she weighs now. My prediction is somewhere around 580-585, I want to be optimstic and say 590 but i'll try to keep it realistic and go for roughly 585 max. Hopefully being this close to 600 will encourage her to actually gain on purpose. 21 sept. 2022 · Her last weigh in was February 2021 and she was around 560 I want to say, maybe a little bit more. Given the amount of time that’s passed one could guess she’s close to 600 right now, maybe she’s waiting to hit that number to post a new weigh in?. 10 févr. 2021 · Submitted February 10, 2021 Updated January 20, 2022 File Size 68.99 MB Length 4 MINUTES Resolution 1280x720 Video Format MP4 Video Orientation Horizontal Landscape 1 AresEno52 reacted to this Previous File 🚨🚨SALE🚨🚨 30lb heavier.. will it still fit? Next File 🚨🚨SALE🚨🚨SSBBW SAT DOWN MEASUREMENTS INCHES HUGE!!!NEW TAPE Other Files from SSBBWLadyBrads. 31 janv. 2022 · 257 votes, 12 comments. 6.2K subscribers in the ssbbwjuicyJackie community. A subreddit dedicated to SSBBW Juicy Jackie. You’re more than welcome to. 23 févr. 2021 · View File February '21 Weigh-in! 20 POUNDS GAINED since January! I cant believe ive gained 20 pounds since my last weigh in with GGG!! I take my measurements and compare them to my last measurement video - Ive gained almost 30 pounds since I took my measurements last and I add up the inches.