#TI4OGMwMWRm Myka Stauffer 馃崚 [52 FILES :: 773 MB]

26 juin 2020 路 Until this week, Myka Stauffer was a mid-level YouTube and Instagram influencer, a mom of five whose parenting vlogs and Instagram posts boasted a loyal following and several high-profile sponsors. 26 juin 2020 路 YouTube star Myka Stauffer and her husband James are facing backlash for re-homing their young son, Huxley, who they adopted in 2017 and who has autism. (opens in new tab) (Image credit: YouTube/Myka Stauffer). 28 mai 2020 路 Myka and James Stauffer produced films about their family life on YouTube and Instagram A couple who documented on a popular YouTube channel their life with an autistic toddler adopted from. 28 mai 2020 路 Myka Stauffer and her husband James, based in Ohio, produced videos about Huxley's adoption and his challenges. Since 2017 the couple received sponsorship deals and video revenue. 28 mai 2020 路 YouTube stars Myka Stauffer, 32, and her husband, James Stauffer, 34, are under fire for a May 26 video in which they confessed that they 鈥渞ehomed鈥 their adopted son Huxley. 27 ao没t 2020 路 Earlier this year, family-oriented influencer Myka Stauffer published a video on her YouTube channel announcing that she and her husband James had 鈥渞ehomed鈥 their autistic son Huxley, 5, whom.