Watch Star Wars: Ahsoka Leaked Extended Trailer Here Ahsoka is probably the biggest upcoming Star Wars lie action project after The Mandalorian Season 3 which will wrap up this month. Fans are really excited to see what Mando-verse has in store for them next and how the events of Ahsoka will tie into the bigger Mandalorian universe. And now we have somewhat of an idea โ€“ thanks to a newly leaked Ahsoka trailer from Star Wars Celebration 2022. Fans have been spreading footage from the leaked Ahsoka trailer via social. AHSOKA LEAKED TEASER TRAILER TerraStone 167K subscribers Subscribe 45K views 8 months ago AHSOKA LEAKED TEASER TRAILER Subscribe for more Star Wars related content! 1M views New Space. Guess who I got to meet at comic con! She's just as amazing in person by the way. I didn't get too long to talk to her but I told her all about my fanfic and my costume and we got to take pictures together! 1 / 3. 115. 3. r/ahsokatano. It really feels like that scene between Luke and Ahsoka deserves to happen in her show, its such a meaningful moment to the characters and fans, it would be a shame if all we get is a scene from the Boba Fett show with a one line nod to the fact that she was trained by Luke's father lmao. Star Wars Celebration had an awesome leaked trailer for the upcoming Ahsoka TV show, which looked far better than it should have given how close we are to the start of filming star wars,. Ahsoka Trailer Leaked As for the footage/teaser revealed at the Star Wars celebration, all you need to do is click on the video below. The nearly 45 seconds teaser doesnโ€™t reveal much but is enough to get the fans hyped. So check it out! 00:00 00:46 All Rights Reserved of the Footage by Lucasfilms/Disney/Star Wars.