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24 nov. 2017 · For each supplier value you have column data (a list of data frames with actual data), column MEANS (a list of data frames with the calculated means) and column PLOTS (a list of plots of your data). Therefore, so far you've managed to create a (new) data frame with previous/original info (column data) plus calculated info (columns MEANS and. Over her last few days, Kate created Mum's List. The couple talked and cried together as she wrote her thoughts and wishes down, trying to help the man she loved create the best life for their boys after she was gone. It wasn't the first time Singe and Kate had faced the spectre of death. Four years earlier, doctors discovered a large lump in. 24 mai 2017 · Know the Mother by Desiree Cooper: A collection of short stories exploring various incarnations of the mother archetype. Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor: A Navy SEAL and a single mother of four meet each other and find romance during a week-long beach vacation. 30 janv. 2012 · The Mother of All Lists For months now I have been working on a list that I originally christened “The Mother of All Lists,” and then quickly shortened to “The Mother List.” Some people call it a Bucket List, a Life List, or even a Mighty Life List .