Persia on RT persiaparadise_ Selling [42 FILES :: 567 MB] ❤️ #DFmMjE3ZWRh

RT @persiaparadise_: Selling subscriptions to my site for $6 right now 🥳 Go treat yourself to a lil virtual paradise 11 Dec 2022 00:20:14. Persia. @persiaparadise_. It’s official ‼️This is something I’ve been working on & I’m so excited to share. This is a small insight into some of the dope ass merch I just dropped 👀 The following media includes potentially sensitive content. Change settings. RT @persiaparadise_: Just for clarification, my catalog is not $10, my OF is. & there’s a ton of stuff on there. My b/g stuff is sold separately even on OF & that is what I refer to as my catalog. Any solo video I have is posted to my OF timeline 👊🏼 RT @persiaparadise_: New video posted on my timeline 👊🏼💦 . 24 Apr 2023 00:35:52. RT @persiaparadise_: $10 gets you access to 74 videos(3 new posted in the last week) & 108 pictures on my private site. This discount won’t last long 🤗 22 Apr 2023 13:50:15. RT @persiaparadise_: Updated video list of available B/G videos available, hit my DM with the # you want 😽 . 24 Apr 2023 00:37:24. RT @persiaparadise_: First ever b/g video available for purchase on my site right now. Subscription is currently discounted ️💦