I ruined my last relationship rTrueOffMyChest [34 FILES :: 747 MB] #2UxNDc1NTJh 💟

I ruined my last relationship. The relationship itself was something I never wanted in the first place but after constant pestering about it I said fuck it and entered said relationship. Everything was fine at first, he was attentive, seemed like he cared and at that point I felt we truly hit it off. The first warning I should have heeded was. I (20m) ruined my 3 year relationship last night with my (20f) girlfriend. We both got very drunk at a party. Strangers were groping girls all night left and right. Late in the night I see through my blurry vision a random person who I don’t know run up to my girlfriend and give the largest hug I’ve seen as she says nothing. I. Which I truly don’t believe is my fault objectively but it feels like it is and I ruined my relationship by doing it. Obviously I want my partner to feel like they have space, but I guess if I just need space, I just take it up, and I wished partner could see that they are allowed to do that too. Today i got back from a week long cruise to and from cozumel, mexico. although i was on the cruise with family (dad, step mom, brother, brother's fiancee), i was alone most of the time because they were all off doing couple-y things. i didn't mind it at the beginning, but after a while the loneliness of it all got to me. i wasn't alone the.