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The Simpsons – Influencer Life (Bart on OnlyFans) Smellman426 863 subscribers 2K views 10 months ago A small snippet of the musical number from this episode. Pretty good overall. From The. The Simpsons predicted Onlyfand 12 points • 6 comments 3 2 The Simpsons Animated sitcom Television 2 comments Best Add a Comment Shin_Godzilla6673 • 21 days ago are you gonna predict that shin godzilla exist Shin_Godzilla6673 • 21 days ago thanks for putting my profile on your subreddit More posts you may like r/KDRAMA Join • 4 yr. ago. The Simpson’s predicting the rise of OnlyFans https://t.co/OhJapZQZ2y. 30 Jan 2022. Voir la liste complète sur collider.com. 1 févr. 2020 · The Simpsons showed their predictive tendencies once again during season 9, episode 3 in an episode called “Lisa’s Sax”. Marge offered to read Bart a book called Curious George and the Ebola Virus. Fast forward to 2014 and according to UPROXX, this episode recirculated during the Ebola outbreak. 2 mars 2018 · 16 times The Simpsons predicted the future. Credit: FOX. Over the course of dozens of seasons and 700-plus episodes, The Simpsons has offered up approximately 153,149 jokes, give or take a few.